Growing Conditions

The clones planted in this vineyard block grow in high mineral content soil. The site is refreshed by ocean breezes that allow the fruit to fully develop and give a distinct character.


An elegant and expressive wine with aromas reminding of cherries and roses.


It has a very subtle flavour in mouth with intense red fruits and a correct tannic presence that makes it complexly excellent.


A bright ruby colour.

Food Pairing

The Pinot Noir Single Vineyard 2016 is an ideal wine for accompanying cured ham and stands out when being together with pork and plums. As a versatile wine, it is an essential ally of grilled salmon. It is also fantastic when enjoyed with the special regional combination of lamb with blueberry sauce


12-to-18-month fermentation period in untoasted French oak barrels with controlled temperature.


Thoroughly harvested by hand with the aim of taking extra care in the whole process, ensuring the optimal grape control and keeping the quality standards needed in each phase.