Growing Conditions

Our vineyard is located in rolling hills. Total vineyard has more than 1500 plots oriented in different expositions towards the sun and maritime influence. The vines grow in decomposed granite. We call our soil “Balasto”, it is one of the most ancient soils in the world. 2.5 billion years eroded crystalline basement. This soil is very low in organic mater and it has high sand fraction (up to 80%). This soil is very important since we receive more than 1500 mm of rain in the year, having rain in summer as well. Vineyards are 11 miles away from Atlantic Ocean receiving all the maritime influence, saline air and cool breezes and winds that refresh the grapes in summer days preserving acidity and aromas. The vineyards are surrounded by wild forest with a high biodiversity that adds complexity and beauty.
Bodega Garzon’s terroir is sustainable 100%, minimal intervention is part of our philosophy and we do not use chemicals of synthesis.


Dark plums, black currant, gunpowder, graphite.


Juicy, concentrated well balanced ripe tannins. Well structured, elegant with minerality and voltage (acidiy).
Aromas in palate are black ripe plums, quince, and gunpowder.


Bright, deep, dark red almost black in color.

Food Pairing

Roasted game meats are the ideal pairing for this Tannat. The most traditional combination is slowly cooked leg of lamb flavoured with sage, mint, garlic and olive oil. It also pairs beautifully with blue cheese
and toasted walnuts.


6 to 12 months in 50 HL untoasted French oak casks.


Grapes reached perfect ripening during the season but harvest is tannat has to be based in phenolic ripening to avoid aggressive tannins. Tasting the frapes and specially the seeds is very important in tannat. We avoid overripening and dehydration to preserve tannat characteristics, aromas and freshness.

2020 was a historical harvest in terms of weather for perfect growing conditions. Temperatures were between 28-30 C during summer, moderated rains without excessive volumes of rainfalls and most of them only during the night.


June 2021. Bottling without any additions.