Growing Conditions

The uniqueness of this vineyard lies in its southern orientation, assuring shelter from intense sun and direct exposure from the ocean breeze. This heightens the vibrant minerality of the varietal. Thanks to the coastal climate and with a terroir similar to those found in Galicia, Spain, in Bodega Garzón we decided to plant the Albariño variety, which has become the icon of Uruguayan white wines. The singularity of this wine lies in its southwards orientation. It ensures the protection from the intense sun and is directly exposed to the oceanic breeze, which stresses the vibrant minerality of our Albariño Single Vineyard 2016.


Fruity aromas reminding of peach; balanced with citric notes.


t is fresh and mineral with marked acidity and a long and rounded aftertaste in mouth.


A pale yellow colour with greenish reflections.

Food Pairing

This is an ideal wine to accompany steamed seafood, grilled sole with orange sauce or delicate prawns with curry rice. Apart from those, Iberian dishes such as fried sardines or an intense vegetable couscous reveal its fresh and vibrant notes in palate.


Twenty percent of its fermentation time is carried out in untoasted oak barrels from between 3 to 6 months and 80% occurs in concrete tanks.


This Albariño was harvested in its right ripening point in order to keep its characteristic elegance and freshness.


Bottled October 2016.