Growing Conditions

This vineyard is cooler than other blocks on the estate. Steep slopes and thin soils with excellent drainage due to the predominance of ballast in the upper layers. The Tannat is the Uruguayan emblematic stock variety and Garzón is the perfect place for it to thrive thanks to the climate conditions, the special land features and the unique biodiversity. Only 18 kilometres away from the Atlantic Ocean, the constant breeze coming to Garzón’s vineyards impregnates our wines with a unique flavour. The ballast offers a stony and soft soil and allows optimal drainage conditions. These soils are also characterised by their minerality, which helps create a balanced wine.


An elegant nose, with aromas reminding of red fruits such as cherries and strawberries, black plums, tobacco and black chocolate on a spiced flavour range.


It has a juicy and fresh mouth and is a full-bodied wine with a very nice sensation and a long and vibrant aftertaste.


A deep purple colour

Food Pairing

Perfect to accompany regional dishes such as the local lamb, cured cheese, such as the Parmesan or a delicious duck confit cassoulet. Apart from those dishes, which highlight its spiced notes, it is the ideal ally for the traditional French cuisine.


12 to 18 months in untoasted French oak barrels


Bottled September 2017